About Dhaka Festival

Dhaka Festival is a National & International Program Organizer company based in Bangladesh. International Media Personality Monjurul Islam Megh is the Founder of Dhaka Festival. Dhaka Festival are organizing many international festival, seminar, award giving ceremony and multicultural programs. 

Our Festivals: 

Bangladesh Festival– It’s a very unique, The aim of Bangladesh festival is to highlight the own heritage and achievement on foreign countries. First Edition was held on 2020 in Assam, has postponed due to covid 19. 
Cinemaking International Film Festival-Build a global network with film personalities, Film is nominated by Cinemaking International Film Award. First Edition will be held on December 2020. Second edition will be held on December 2021 
Bengal Original Culture Festival– It’s a very different, We are try to develop Bengal original culture promote in globally. Already First edition has done in January 2020, second edition will be held on January 2021. 
International  Festival on Literature, Translation & Journalism– It’s mirror of conscience. We are make a relation as like a global family. First Edition was held on February 2020, Postponed due to Covid 19, Second Edition will held on February 2021. 
Peace & Humanity Festival– May the world be the abode of pure peace for all, Humanity First. It will be held in March 2021 
Painting & Photography Festival– It’s a Beautiful mind, We want to see inner and external by faith. It will be held in April 2021 
Environment & Water Festival– It’s our life, We want to make a beautiful nature for next generation. It will be held in May 2021    
Tradition, Ethnic & Heritage Festival – It’s our treasure, We will build a new universe by respectable former’s path. It will be held in July 2021  
International Festival on Dance, Music, Recitation & Performance Arts – It’s a medicine for mental health. We are organizing a very good connection with global cultural personalities. First edition will be held on September 2021 
Food & Travel Festival– Equally for everyone, Ensuring food and a fair living world for all. It will be held in October 2021    
We are try to promote Bangladesh in Globally. 
Monjurul Islam Megh
Founder and Festival Director
Dhaka Festival is sister concern of Moralook Ltd. 
Dhaka Festival is an Unique Platform for International Network